Afro Lady        50x50cm

Geisha              50x50cm

Gudu                50x50cm

Corina Klaassens,
A single, full-time working mother. Born in Amsterdam on 21 July 1968.   She became inspired by her father, who died in 1985, and her passionate art teacher mr. Maynard at her secondary school in Amsterdam  .Sinds then she always had a drawing pencil and notepad in her hands. After wandering around different cities and after two marriages now stationed in a North Dutch village against the capital city.  Corina's passion for cultures other than her own grew even more during her puberty, when she became more aware of the differences in the world and the many injustices that might exist. She also wants to explicitly record this on canvas and the emotion is one of the greatest motives she wants to exploit. Her heart was mainly in the Surinamese culture. Through her experiences with several warm families her heart is more with this culture than with her own.  All the creativity in her, such as writing and the passion for music that revolve around emotions, led her to focus on painting after receiving a painter's easel in April 2015.  Painting is nothing for me" she always said. That with oil paint and that long wait is nothing for me. " Until she discovered the acrylic. Fast and effective.   Because being as impatient as she is, starting today is preferably finishing today. And that is possible with acrylic.  For example, she painted her first portrait on the first Easter day of 2015 and continued : self-taught .   The paint was still wet or they had already been sold or a job was coming in again.  She takes a good photo as an example on her laptop and goes to work without drawing lines. In addition to the example, she will always apply her own interpretation to it, freedom from an artist. She had never thought that people would start to feel warm right from the first painting. In the meantime she has successfully been allowed to exhibit some of her paintings a few times and she is certainly not finished with the follow-up.
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