Afro Lady        50x50cm

Geisha              50x50cm

Gudu                50x50cm

Corina Klaassens,

An autodidact painting artist, born on  21th of July 1968 in Amsterdam, Holland.  

She became inspired to start with the art of drawing by her father, who died in 1985 and her passionate art teacher Mr. Maynard, at her secondary school in Amsterdam. From that moment on she always carried a drawing pencil and notepad with her. 

Corina's passion for cultures, other than her own, grew even more during her younger years, when she became more aware of the differences in the world.

Natural beauty of people from all ages and cultures is what she explicitly wants to record on canvas. Especially focussing on emotions is one of her greatest motives she wants to exploit.

Her love for music and passion for writing were other highlights in her life which contributed to her creativity and led her to focus on painting after receiving a painter's easel in April 2015.

For her paintings she makes use of acrylic paint. Because it makes you able to express all of your creativity within a short time. 


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via What's App: 06-36192284